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Parent Testimonials

  • "Paige was 3.5 when she came up the hill holding my hand for her first day of camp. That was 10 yrs ago. When I came to pick her up on Friday I was in tears. Where to begin? I could write a book about Hillcroft and I am sure you have heard it all before. From a business perspective you guys are a A+ over the top. You have all the right personnel, programs and safty in place. I love the switch to no paper for everything. It works great. From Paige's perspective and mine...Hillcroft to date has been the cornerstone of her world. she loves it...I love it. She was a mess on Friday and I understand why. It's a circle of life change for her.

    I just can't express how your camp has positively effected my child for life with memories of smiles. I hope your children continue the tradition with Hillcroft to keep it running. Hillcroft is simply priceless and one really just can't put it into words the value of your camp.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. Paige desires to be a CIT and I hope she can continue on next year."
  • This is our second summer. Our son Thomas ( age 9), the shy one, was hesitant at the beginning of this year. Having him with "old" friends and placing him with Tadgh again gave him the continuity and familiarity he needed. He LOVES camp and requested to be be Tadgh again NEXT summer too. Our daughter Maggie ( age 7) loves camp so much she is already making plans to be a CIT, then counselor. Thanks for such a wonderful setting! Holly A. Kalba

    Date of Posting: 19 July 2009
    Posted By: Holly Kalba

  • Hillcroft is a wonderful, welcoming, safe haven of fun and exploration for kids and a comfort and joy to parents! Thank you Hillcroft for another phenomenal summer!
  • Our daughter Mallory attended Camp Hillcroft for the first time last summer (2011).  When people ask me about her camp experience I always say I gave them my little baby and they gave me back an independent and confident little girl.  My daughter loves camp and we are returning again this summer.  Thank you Camp Hillcroft for the wonderful experience you have given my daughter.   We are counting down the weeks to camp!

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