Our Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the hours of the camp day?

    • The normal day is from 8:45AM until 4:30PM
    • Before Care starting at 7:45AM
    • After Care until 5:30PM is available


  • Can my child be placed in the same group as a friend?

    Campers may request to be grouped with one or two other campers within a group. Please note that campers in the grade will spend most of their day together . An important reason for coming to Hillcroft is the joy of making new friends!

  • How are campers divided into groups?

    Campers are divided by the grade they are entering in the Fall. Each group includes both boys and girls.

  • What is the staff to camper ratio?
    • In our 4 year old Group the camper/staff ratio is 4:1
    • Our Kindergarten groups have 2 adult staff members to 12/13 children
    • Other lower camp groups average 2 staff members to 13 children
    • Upper Camp Groups (4th Grade and older), our average group size is 2 adults to 14 children
  • Where do your staff come from?

    Everywhere!!!! Many of our American Staff are from the local area but we also attract many staff members from out of state. Hillcroft is also in the very unique position of being able to house 50 International Staff each season. Many of our overseas staff come from Europe and Australia.

  • Are staff background checked?

    All staff undergo a face to face/web cam or phone interview which lasts at least 40 minutes. As parents ourselves the caliber of our staff is of paramount importance. References are collected and all staff are entered into the NY State Sex Offender Registry Database. We also conduct an on line Nationwide Sex Offender Background Check. All International staff provide a criminal Background Check from their home country.

  • What should my day camper bring?

    On the campers very first day they should bring a sweatshirt, bug spray, suntan lotion and quiet game activities which will remain in their cubbies throughout their time at Hillcroft. On a daily basis all campers need to bring to camp 2 towels, 2 bathing suits and a filled water bottle. Younger campers are encouraged to arrive at camp with their bathing suit under their clothes so underwear should be packed in their bags. LABEL EVERYTHING PLEASE!!! Sharpie markers work great!!! Please leave expensive jewelry and electronic gadgets and trading cards at home.

  • What do you do when it rains? Or is very hot?

    In the late Spring we write our Schedule for all 35 groups of campers. We have a regular day schedule with overlays for rain and hot days. Luckily many activities can run as scheduled despite the weather due to our many permanent buildings, porches and tents. However, some program areas, for example tennis, do need to move to a covered area during rain, or a shady area during those scorching hot days. Our Waterfront will continue to run in the rain and will only relocate during thunder and lightning.