Why Work at Camp Hillcroft


Staff at Hillcroft Day Camp

Counselors work in pairs with a group of approximately 12-16 boys and girls, supervising them throughout the camp day keeping all campers safe and happy as they accompany them to a wide array of activities.

Counselors spend all day working with their campers and participating in the activities with them. In order to be a General Counselor, you must have compassion, great listening skills and the ability to relate to kids, all this combined with a lot of energy and enthusiasm as counselors spend ALL day actively participating in the activities with their children.

Program Instructors

Program Instructors spend the 8 week Program teaching a specific area of expertise to many different age groups. Applicants must have experience teaching/coaching children in their specialty area and be comfortable with lesson planning and curriculum content. We are looking for Instructor in Sports, Arts, Performing Arts, Yoga, Outdoor Adventure, Gymnastics, Farm and Nature.

Waterfront Staff

Daily Red Cross swim lessons at Hillcroft Day Camp
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Our Waterfront Staff both lifeguard AND teach swimming and need to be at least 18 years old with some teaching experience. If certification is needed we will certify all hired staff using the Red Cross Lifeguard Program. Our Waterfront Staff teach basic and advanced swim skills to all levels of swimmers at our camp, they also lifeguard during Free Swim and are expected to meet and exceed the highest safety standards for lifeguards.

Service Staff

Cupcakes prepared at Hillcroft Day Camp
  • Service Staff work as Nurses, Secretaries, waitresses, pot washers, dishwashers, cooks cleaners, etc.
  • Service Staff work behind the scenes to ensure camp is running smoothly, working in food service, maintenance, health center or the office. Applicants must demonstrate a strong aptitude in their specific area.
  • For Maintenance the applicant must demonstrate basic carpentry, electrical, automotive and landscaping skills. The ability to make repairs & learn on the job is essential.
  • All Kitchen Staff are involved in all aspects of food service at Camp: set up, prep, serving and clean up.
  • Camp Hillcroft hires 2 Nurses to work in our Camp Infirmary. Each nurse must be NY State Licensed Nurses.
  • Our Camp Secretary answers phones, coordinates our camp newsletter, talks to prospective and current camper’s parents and ensures the smooth running of our Office facility.