Prospective Families

Welcome to a Summer of Smiles

Camp Hillcroft, under the guidance of our mature and supportive staff, is where children can learn new skills, make new friends, experiment with ideas and grow in self-esteem. Camp Hillcroft prides itself on not only having a superior program but also in facilitating the growth of friendships, values and community awareness.

In the rural eastern Dutchess County New York setting, Camp Hillcroft:

  • Serves children pre-K (age 4) through 9th grade (age 14)
  • Camp drop off is 8:45 am and pickup is at 4:30 pm
  • Transportation is available upon request
  • Campers may attend for either 2, 4, 6 or 8 week sessions
  • Before and after care hours are available for a nominal fee

Kids are motivated, challenged & changed

When you entrust your child to us for the long, lovely days of summer, we feel proud. We seek to discharge our responsibility in a caring and creative way. And, to impart the traditions and values of a positive camp experience.

Since 1950, Hillcroft has been a caring and nurturing family-run camp where children “learn by doing”. The name Hillcroft comes from hill or high location and croft, the English word for working farm. In directing Hillcroft, we strive to continue the perfect balance of our goal: personal growth, fostering independence and self esteem, and unlocking your child’s potential for the love of learning.

A full range of enrichment activities

Camp Hillcroft offers it all. Children have the opportunity to experience a full range of enrichment activities: creative arts, swimming, outdoor adventure, theater, dance, farming and a full sports program.

Hillcroft’s staff is mature, responsible, caring and includes counselors from around the world. Over the years more than forty countries have been represented at Hillcroft. In the nurturing and accepting environment of the Hillcroft community, your child will take home something that will last forever. . . the memory of a wonderful summer and close friendships.

No one is left idle, no one is left out

Although life at Camp Hillcroft is structured so that each child has a sense of achievement, a generous degree of choice is permitted and encouraged in selecting activities. Boys and girls learn how to weigh program options and make choices in planning their day.

Whatever activities the campers choose, they are busy and having fun. We find that when children are relaxed and doing things together, deep and satisfying bonds of friendships develop.

Sometimes, in crowded classes and busy families, children’s needs and their unique personalities are almost overlooked. At Camp Hillcroft, realizing that each camper is a special person, our program is tailored to keep him or her happily involved throughout the day. No one is left idle, no one is left out. In this way, self-confidence is enhanced.

Here's what our Families are Saying!

Parent of 9th grade daughter, 10th Summer at Hillcroft

My daughter was 3.5 when she came up the hill holding my hand for her first day of camp. That was 10 yrs ago. When I came to pick her up on Friday I was in tears. Where to begin? I could write a book about Hillcroft and I am sure you have heard it all before. From a business perspective you guys are a A+ over the top. You have all the right personnel, programs and safety in place. I love the switch to no paper for everything. It works great. From her perspective and mine…Hillcroft to date has been the cornerstone of her world. she loves it…I love it. She was a mess on Friday and I understand why. It’s a circle of life change for her. I just can’t express how your camp has positively effected my child for life with memories of smiles. I hope your children continue the tradition with Hillcroft to keep it running. Hillcroft is simply priceless and one really just can’t put it into words the value of your camp. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.