Performing Arts

These programs are an integral part of camp life. There may be a modern dance performance, a spontaneous talent show, a dramatization of a story or an adaptation of a play.


From age 4-14 year old all campers enjoy this fun and fast paced activity. Whether they are working towards a performance or just enjoying the freedom of dance, campers learn pre choreographed routines and perfect their moves in preparation for our 2 Dance Shows.


All campers go to this Program Area and enjoy all the singing and instruments! Younger campers participate in a music/movement based program while our older campers enjoy composing their own songs or making up new lyrics to existing songs. Some campers enjoy the novelty of playing in the Hillcroft band or participating in our very own Chorus!


At Drama, campers get the opportunity to pretend, make-believe, and act out situations. At the Little Theater in the woods campers can transform themselves into someone or something else. In addition to games and improvisations, campers can choose to participate in one of several performances throughout the summer. These performances are for other campers and are often a highlight for those with a dramatic flair!


Yoga integrates the entire camp! Whether your camper leans toward sports and the physical activities or the creative arts — Yoga draws them all! Here campers experience age appropriate, creative and fun ways to increase self-awareness, strength, flexibility and social skills. Nestled near the woods off the beaten trail, the classes on the Yoga Porch are a peaceful and calming experience that campers want to revisit again and again!