Art Workshops


The ceramics studio is always a busy and exciting place. Here children practice the art of throwing a pot on one of our wheels, or perfect a variety of hand-building techniques.


A hugely popular area for obvious reasons! Cooking at Camp Hillcroft. Campers learn all about the Food Pyramid, general nutrition and create wonderful snacks to eat! Cookies, pretzels, pizza and smoothies remain firm favorites every summer! 2nd-9th graders enjoy this program area very much!


Enameling is a very popular Hillcroft Program Area that is offered to campers in the 3rd grade and older. Campers learn to appreciate jewelry design and the intricacies of copper enamel work. Campers love to show off their wonderful projects that emerge from this art shop such as earrings, pendants, little trays etc… Campers also explore other forms of jewelry design using elements such as leather and wire.


In our graphics workshop, children learn poster design, lettering, paper making, stamping as well as silk-screen printing with which they may create designs for tee shirts, stationery, posters or wall hangings.


Our extensive weaving program is of special interest to many children where some may even learn to weave on professional floor and table looms.


Toys and handy gadgets come out of our woodworking shop, as the children learn how to use hand tools and simple power machinery. The wood shop is carefully supervised, with the use of machinery on a one-to-one basis of camper and instructor.