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We have a lake, three swimming pools, large ball fields, a garden and a farm, a playground and separate courts for tennis, basketball, street hockey and volley ball. Our Outdoor Adventure program has special locations for climbing walls, obstacle/rope courses and zip lines.

We have a series of individual workshops and studios for dance, music, theater, ceramics, wood, graphics, sculpture, photography, weaving and art. These provide the opportunity for every child to discover the special satisfactions of creativity.

There is a fully equipped indoor gymnastics center and a fencing shed. Special facilities feature excellent instruction in tennis and archery, fencing, track and field.

There are also dormitories with bathrooms, where children store their belongings and change clothes. And, of course, there is a kitchen, dining rooms, and a well-equipped infirmary.

If it rains, all our workshops, studios and covered facilities allow for continuing programs.

Health and Safety

An infirmary is maintained at the camp with two registered nurses on the premises at all times.

Through the accreditation process we have addressed such issues as qualifications of health center staff including first aid and emergency care personnel, medical emergencies including specific routes to treatment facilities, treatment procedures, collecting health histories from campers and staff, dealing with special medical needs, medication management, and dealing with health care away from camp.

Accreditation is extremely valuable as a means of keeping our staff grounded in solid health and safety practices. The accreditation process requires us to evaluate our practices on a regular basis; to develop risk-management plans when appropriate; and to use critical thinking.

The nutritional lunch program is expertly planned. Family style meals, including homemade soup and fresh salad, are served in our pleasant dining rooms, with campers and staff eating together. An afternoon snack is provided.

Maintenance of our facilities and equipment is ongoing and excellent…meeting the standards of the Dutchess County Health Department.