Camp Hillcroft Day Camp

A Camp Counselor Interview

Here's what our Families are Saying!

Parent of Kindergarten and 3rd grade children, 2nd and 3rd Summer at Hillcroft

Camp Hillcroft is the place to be for summer! I have 2 children enrolled who count down the days till camp every winter. From the nurturing and caring staff, to the exciting activities, fun after camp activities and everything in between. And most importantly the friendships and memories my kids are making is one for the books!

Choosing staff members to work at a summer day camp is one of the most important decisions that a Camp Director will make as Greg and Sally Buttinger well know.  Directors and Owners of Camp Hillcroft in Dutchess County, Greg and Sally, hire over 180 summer staff and picking the “right” employees is a task that they take very seriously. They make sure that all Hillcroft campers are exposed to positive role models and fun, caring, loving, enthusiastic individuals who join in with all of their summer activities.

The process for hiring each and every single staff member is involved and detailed….Here is a step by step outline of how Greg and Sally hire the best staff possible every single year:

  1. Potential staff fill out an application
  2. Greg and Sally then have email communication with the staff member to see if they should proceed
  3. An Interview is organized
  4. Greg and Sally personally interview each and every applicant for at least 45 minutes
  5. References are checked

Many people ask “How do you find and hire amazing staff?”  For Greg and Sally the answer is simple. During an in-depth interview Greg and Sally determine the individual’s character and personality, delving deep into their opinions and life outside of camp.  However...the most important question that Greg and Sally ask themselves is this, ”Would we hire this person to be around our own children, one of whom is still young enough to be a Hillcroft camper.” For Greg and Sally this simple question is the most effective way of choosing the best staff possible and after 20+ years of hiring and interviewing their “gut reaction” also plays a huge role in their decision making. Greg and Sally are proud of their reputation of hiring only the best staff around and they can’t wait to meet their 2018 Staff!