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3 Incredible Benefits Your Kids Can Gain From Outdoor Activities

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Parent of 3rd grade child, 3rd Summer at Hillcroft

Great Day Camp in Hudson Valley

My daughter has gone to Camp Hillcroft for the past two summers, and we anticipate many more. The camp is extremely well-organized with a wide variety of activities, including a strong swimming program. She is outdoors every day and comes home tired but happy. She does see friends from school at camp, but also has many new "camp friends" that we look forward to seeing each year. I am glad that she has an opportunity to develop interests and confidence in a supportive, friendly environment in the summer.

In a world largely centered around technology, it can be tough to convince your kids to get outside for some fun outdoor activities. With the constant distraction of smartphones and TV, it’s no wonder why children are more likely to spend their summer days indoors glued to a screen. However, kids will benefit greatly from spending time outside while interacting with nature, other children, and enthusiastic adults. A day camp is the perfect combination of sports, creative outlets, and togetherness that will make outdoor activities a tempting option for kids of all ages.

3 Advantages of Encouraging Your Child to Participate in Outdoor Activities

1. Focus

If you’re interested in improving your child’s intellectual capabilities, outdoor activities may be just the way to do so. By spending more time outside, each child will have the chance to center their focus without the temptation of a phone or tablet nearby. This is also an excellent way to work on social skills, as children are required to focus on the activity at hand and the team they are playing with, underscoring the importance of teamwork and concentration.

2. Creativity

During the summer months, it can be hard to conduct arts and crafts indoors as paste and paint will wreak havoc on clean clothes, floors, and furniture. However, by encouraging your kids to take the art project outside, they’ll reap even more incredible benefits. They’ll find ways to be creative and imaginative while playing outside.

3. Exercise

Physical activity is crucial for the well-being of every child, so it’s imperative that they engage in outdoor activities as often as possible. During the summer, the weather lends to long afternoons full of fun and active games that are guaranteed to improve your child’s physical health and social skills. Simple games and healthy competitions feed your kid’s sense of adventure and will help them to use their energy in a way that is both productive and fun.

If you’re a parent in Lagrangeville, NY, and looking for a great way to encourage learning, laughter, and health for your child, look no further than Camp Hillcroft. Since 1950, this day camp has been making outdoor activities fun and accessible for kids aged 4 to 14. Exciting excursions, including gardening, ball games, and swimming, will keep kids focused, engaged, and happy all summer long. Visit them online, or give them a call at (845) 223-5826 to get your child enrolled.