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Top 3 Summer Activities for Kids at Camp Hillcroft

Here's what our Families are Saying!

Parent of 6th and 8th grade children, 5th and 7th Summer at Hillcroft

My children have been going to Camp Hillcroft since they were in 1st grade. This year they will be returning as 6th and 8th graders, and are JUST as excited as they were the first time they went. As a parent, I couldn’t be any happier. My kids have very different personalities (one is shy, one is very outgoing) and they both come home each day happy, engaged and exhausted:) From swimming and crafts, to farming and zip lining, Hillcroft has it all! Most importantly, it is extremely well run, and I have the utmost confidence in their safety and well-being while there.

As a devoted parent, you only want the best for your child. However, with months of time off of school in the summer, it can be challenging to keep them entertained and engaged at home. That’s why Camp Hillcroftof Lagrangeville, NY, is committed to enriching the lives of their young campers. They offer a slew of exciting summer activities to keep kids’ minds and bodies active, from arts and crafts to swimming.

3 Kid-Friendly Summer Activities & Their Benefits

1. Art

Children are probably the most creative age group, as they can explore the corners of their imagination without feeling inhibited by the opinions of others or past experiences with criticism. This makes art an excellent summer activity to delve into at camp. Whether your child is finger-painting, making bird feeders, or sketching a self-portrait, they’ll strengthen their motor skills while becoming more in touch with their artistic ideas. If your little one taps into a talent for self-expression at an early age, they might find it easier to communicate with confidence as they mature.

2. Outdoor Exercise

summer activities

While mental and emotional education is crucial, your child also needs to address their physical health. Luckily, Camp Hillcroft offers a celebrated swim program, and they employ 17 lifeguards to watch over your little ones as they splash around. With childhood obesity rising in recent years, it’s never been more important for your kids to stay active. As a bonus, the body releases endorphins through exercise, so your child will be happy and energized after physical activity.

3. Nature

While your children might love being outside and interacting with animals at the moment, interactions with nature are often soothing and even spiritual for adults. Your child can enjoy both sides of the spectrum by immersing themselves in the natural world at Camp Hillcroft. If your little one has an interest in science, they’ll be thrilled to get up close and personal with the Upstate New York area wildlife. If nothing else, your child will benefit from getting away from the TV screen and out into the fresh air.  

To ensure your little one has an unforgettable summer, enroll them at Camp Hillcroft. This respected program offers two- and four-week sessions to children throughout Dutchess and Putnam County. When your kids arrive, they won’t be permitted to bring any tech gadgets or phones, so you can rest assured knowing they will take advantage of all the summer activities the camp has to offer. To learn more about enrollment, call (845) 223-5826 or visit the website.