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Activities for Kids: 3 Benefits Kids Can Gain From Yoga

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Parent of 7th grade child, 8th Summer at Hillcroft

Best Camp around!

Our family is on our third child attending camp there. I can’t keep my kid home if I tried! She doesn’t want to go on vacation and miss camp. That pretty much says it all! Great place!

Yoga is not just for adults. Kids have as much to gain from this exercise as anyone else. The mixture of breathing techniques, behavioral guidelines, and physical postures can help them better deal with emotional, social, and physical challenges. Children with special needs, like ADHD and autism, in particular, have been shown to get a lot out of doing this activity.

At Camp Hillcroft, a day camp in Lagrangeville, NY, they offer numerous activities for kids, including yoga. Below are some of the ways they have discovered it can benefit their young campers:

  • Enhances Physical Flexibility: Yoga works various muscle groups in the body, and learning new poses can help children to grow physically stronger. They will also get a better sense of their body and how each part functions.
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  • Improves Balance & Coordination: During their growing phase, children can be a bit clumsy. Practicing yoga throughout this part of their life will help to counter the effect and make them well-coordinated for their age. Balance poses can also help hone their overall dexterity and fine motor skills.
  • Develops Focus & Concentration: Yoga is one of the few activities for kids that is not solely about improving the body. A large part of this exercise is also about bettering the mind. For instance, it incorporates meditation to help clear the head, and the actual poses focus on one step at a time, both of which can help kids get better at concentrating and following instructions.

When you sign your child up for day camp at Camp Hillcroft this summer, they will get to enjoy this and many other activities, including art workshops, numerous athletic and outdoor events, and performing arts programs. To learn more about this camp and the activities for kids available this summer, call (845) 223-5826, or visit their website.