Camp Hillcroft Day Camp


Here's what our Families are Saying!

Parent of 3rd grade child, 3rd Summer at Hillcroft

Great Day Camp in Hudson Valley

My daughter has gone to Camp Hillcroft for the past two summers, and we anticipate many more. The camp is extremely well-organized with a wide variety of activities, including a strong swimming program. She is outdoors every day and comes home tired but happy. She does see friends from school at camp, but also has many new "camp friends" that we look forward to seeing each year. I am glad that she has an opportunity to develop interests and confidence in a supportive, friendly environment in the summer.

While visiting our farm, campers learn how to cultivate vegetables and how to care for sheep and goats. Campers grow tomatoes, squash, beans, broccoli, radishes and other produce which they taste test. Somehow, broccoli tastes better outside surrounded by a beautiful garden.