Camp Hillcroft Day Camp

International Children's Festival

Here's what our Families are Saying!

Parent of 9th grade daughter, 10th Summer at Hillcroft

My daughter was 3.5 when she came up the hill holding my hand for her first day of camp. That was 10 yrs ago. When I came to pick her up on Friday I was in tears. Where to begin? I could write a book about Hillcroft and I am sure you have heard it all before. From a business perspective you guys are a A+ over the top. You have all the right personnel, programs and safety in place. I love the switch to no paper for everything. It works great. From her perspective and mine…Hillcroft to date has been the cornerstone of her world. she loves it…I love it. She was a mess on Friday and I understand why. It’s a circle of life change for her. I just can’t express how your camp has positively effected my child for life with memories of smiles. I hope your children continue the tradition with Hillcroft to keep it running. Hillcroft is simply priceless and one really just can’t put it into words the value of your camp. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.

What is International Children’s Festival (ICF)???  It is the Festival of the heart…the Festival of feeling and giving to others less fortunate than ourselves. We firmly believe that our campers are not too young to learn about issues which face others less fortunate - poverty, hunger, illness, homelessness.  Why do we have ICF???    More than 80 years ago, during a very harsh winter, a little boy and his family and their entire Austrian village were probably spared from starvation by the arrival of food, clothing and medical supplies. The little boy remembered that the relief boxes, decorated with a Red Cross, came from America. The boy never forgot what saved his life.....and since that time has helped hundreds of young people to consider ways of reaching out to others in need. That little boy was Louis Buttinger, Greg's Grandpa. Had the food  and clothes packages not arrived....there would be no Hillcroft. We spend 2 days where we aim to empower our campers with the thought process that even though they are young they can do something to help others who are in need. Our Festival culminates in a camper-run carnival. All money raised at the carnival is donated to the ICF charities which the children vote on. These are all charities which help children in need. ICF truly IS the festival of the heart!!!